3-2-1-Get Your Book Out There:

A guided tour to writing, publishing and marketing your book | taught by Shawndra Holmberg

Course description

Do you dream of being a published author? Has fear, uncertainty or doubt pushed aside that dream? It’s actually easier than you think. Shawndra will walk you through the process and shares her insights, discoveries, and results on writing, publishing and marketing a book. She will share with you the three key tools to writing a book; the two primary paths for self-publishing your book; and valuable insight into one marketing venue.

Shawndra Holmberg
Shawndra Holmberg
Book Guide & Goal-Oriented Mentor

Shawndra Holmberg, CPO-CD® and owner of HYH Book Coach, understands the challenges and triumphs of being a writer and a published author. She is passionate about guiding, mentoring, and coaching fellow writers. She’ll inspire you to share your message and get your book(s) into the hands of readers everywhere. To learn more about Shawndra go to ShawndraHolmberg.com