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Stop sweeping your piles of paper into the nearest box minutes before company comes. With as little as 15 minutes a day and applying the next 31 steps, you’ll begin to breathe easier knowing that you’ll find what you need when you need it. These 31 small steps will have you conquering your mountains of paper so that next April, you’ll be able to hand your tax accountant a more organized file, on-time; without that wild, destructive sweep through your office. You’ll build maintenance into your system rather than put it off; which will encourage you to discard old documents in manageable chunks instead of ending up with boxes of paper to toss and shred. No more late fees because you misplaced your bills; your papers will have a home.

This course contains small actions, thoughts, ideas, and strategies that will move you towards controlling your flow of paper. It’s just thirty-one simple ideas that you can take one at a time. Thirty-one small steps towards getting your paper dhucks in a row. Fifteen minutes over the next 31 days may not be enough time to get through years of accumulated paper, but you’ll have the tools and the systems to begin digging out from under the piles. You’ll begin to lose the paper piles and regain your life and space.

Shawndra Holmberg, CPO-CD

Shawndra Holmberg, CPO-CD

Certified Professional Organizer in Chronic Disorganization (CPO-CD)

Shawndra Holmberg has been organizing longer than the ten years she’s been running her business, Dhucks. She believes in the power that an organized space, schedule, and life have on our creative spirit. She knows that there’s not one right way to get organized, and she’s trained to make your organization work for you. She is a Certified Professional Organizer in Chronic Disorganization (CPO-CD®) and is focused on being your personal trainer for productivity, a mentor for your goals, and a motivational force for your creativity. She is also a book coach with HYH Book Coach.

Questions about the course? Call Shawndra at 808.937.9338 or email at simplify@dhucks.com.

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